Haulpak Systems is a GPS Tracking system please install it only on devices you are authorised to do so. 
Please keep your account information private. 
By agreeing to install Haulpak systems GPS Tracking App you indemnify Haulpak Systems and is Directors in any country against any claim in relation to the installation and use of the Haulpak System App, your registration details with us and the use of your account. 
Haulpak Systems employs the use of secure networks and take every precaution to protect your person information and unauthorised access to your account. 
Please use the Haulpak Systems App and system in conformance to your country laws and regulations.  
Do not use this system in an illegal, menacing or improper way. 
To report any concerns or inappropriate use or to cancel your subscription.  
Email admin@haulpaksystems.com
To stop Haulpak Systems reporting on your device simply un-install the App.